about scoopso

Our story

Scoopso group of companies is one of the fastest growing icecream manufacturers in Kerala, with two well known sub brand Halozi® and Scoopso®. The business venture was founded in 2019, by two young smart entrepreneurs. The brand is known across Kerala for its original freshness and unmatched quality, which is nothing less than world class. We have 25+ extensive franchise network across Kerala. Products from Scoopso. It is enriched with the goodness of Original Fruit Pulp. It contains no artificial or natural flavours and colours. Scoopso offers a whole lot of pleasure-packed tastes and the wholesomeness of superior milk butter and quality ingredients. The lip-smacking tastes include Mango, Jack Fruit, Tender Coconut, Avocado, Blue Berry and Starwberry etc. Scoopso have more 20+ tasty flavours. With an variety of products like ice popsicle, classic cups, sipup, kulfi, bulk packs etc.ass.


Provide our customers with the enjoyment and ultimate ice cream experience with a premium taste quality


To manufacture international quality ice cream products at best-in-class pricing and make them available everywhere.


We focus on creating values for the intelligent, educated consumers who can see and choose what is really best for them.